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sideshow [finally] unveils john blake hot toys figure at comic-con



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Didn’t think that die was just my totem, didja?


"You know, I gotta say when I first started working on Inception, some of the drawings they showed me of their ideas for that character was, uh, sort of schlubby, sort of like, well, he’s the tech guy, he runs the machines, you know, so maybe he should be wearing some sneakers and a plaid shirt et cetera and I was like ‘No, no, no.’

This guy is in charge of making sure everything goes right. The Cobb character that Leonardo DiCaprio played, he’s like the artist and this guy’s like the producer. So, uh, I thought of my friend Jared, who is a theatre producer by day and he’s a very spiffy dresser.

And I was like, ‘No, I want tailored suits and I want to slick back my hair, I want this guy to seem like he’s meticulous, like he pays very close attention to detail.’”

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt (x)

Thank you for your contribution, JGL ;D

Seriously, though. Can we all just take a minute to consider the fact we almost got a movie where Arthur is the ‘sloppy’ dresser? (Not that I actually believe Eames’ style is sloppy, nor do I think Arthur dislikes it.)

I like to think that somewhere, out there in the multiverse, there’s a universe where that movie was actually made. And all the fics contain descriptions of how Eames thinks Arthur has terrible - simply terrible - dress sense.

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I promise to commit no acts of violence,
Be it physical or otherwise,
If things come alive

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deceptionㅋㅋ MR. 하면 EAMES!


deceptionㅋㅋ MR. 하면 EAMES!


Within a heartbeat you change reality
in the blink of an eye we touch infinity
one heart one soul we defy all theory
when I’m with you zero gravity. (x)


do you ever just suddenly think about arthur and eames

about how the only time arthur really loses his cool is when he’s afraid eames has been shot? he doesn’t even freak out as much over saito and he was the one who actually got shot and like…kind of super important in the big scheme of things since he’s their employer and it’s his word that determines whether or not cobb gets back into america when the plane lands or if he goes to jail

or about how when they were going under and it was more dangerous than ever how arthur took care to hook eames up to the pasiv even though he was perfectly capable on his own like…arthur brushes his hands aside and does it for him? how he leaves ariadne to do her own even though she’s the youngest and newest member to their group. 

because it was their last chance to say goodbye but instead they said, ‘i’ll see you later’ because they weren’t ready. to let go. of each other. 



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Leonardo DiCaprio is full of your shit, Academy.

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